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Business Support/Consultation

Organizational success depends upon the ability of businesses to identify and resolve workplace issues - primarily inter-office relationships and the relationships between leadership and staff. Motivated, well trained and committed employees are important to  growth in both the short and the long term. Employee motivation depends upon several factors including the workplace environment, culture, and how well (and how quickly) workplace issues are resolved. Most business owners, department heads and members of leadership teams don't inherently know how how to develop healthy, productive relationships with their staff. 

We can help. 

Through an assessment of individual, group and organizational dynamics, our experienced therapists and relationship experts will offer company specific solutions to the problems that affect the well being and performance of employees. The solutions that our therapists and relationship experts offer through their assessment and research help improve the psychological well being of employees and maximize employee morale and performance. This naturally leads to a more sound, high functioning, and successful business. Intervention can look many different ways: Coaching and training, team-building, leadership summits, personality testing and assessment, conflict resolution and much more. We tailor our approach to the specific needs of your business. 


If you'd like to learn more about how Counseling Center of West Michigan can support the success of your business please email

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