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Are you interested in joining a dynamic team?

Counseling Center of West Michigan was founded in 2019 in Grand Rapids, Michigan by a therapist who couldn’t find a desirable workplace in the area and thus decided to create one. After surveying over 200 private practice therapists, learning about their experiences in PP and their “wish list” for the ideal workplace, CCWM was born. Today, with 14 locations and a large telehealth presence across the state of Michigan, CCWM is still an owner operated organization where providers and their experience come first. We wholeheartedly believe that if we fully support your practice, pay you exceptionally well, encourage you to be uniquely you, and give you a voice, you will be the best provider you can be and our patients will greatly benefit.

CCWM is proud to offer:

  • Fee Splits up to 80% that are not based on production and do not mean corners are cut on in-office support

  • Designated in-person support staff on site at every campus to serve you and your patients Monday-Friday 8-8 and Saturday 8-2

  • Designated intake department and call center

  • Dedicated, experienced billing department

  • We handle all credentialing/paneling for you

  • Steady referrals- generally providers do not need to market themselves

  • Fully furnished offices

  • Continual therapist support

  • Fast, electronic insurance billing

  • High collection rate

  • Professional payroll with bi-weekly pay

  • Electronic medical records/billing

  • Cloud-based software: So you can work from anywhere

  • Paperless office

  • Complete schedule flexibility

  • 100% Voluntary Clinician Networking, Collaboration, and Consultation

  • Exceptionally low turnover rates

  • Single owner and owner operated

If you are interested in seeing what CCWM has to offer and learn why over 250

providers call CCWM home, apply to one of our available positions by clicking here.

Provider Testimonials

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