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Ananya Avinash, LMSW

Ananya Avinash, LMSW



First off - I know it requires a unique type of energy and vulnerability to reach out - thank you for giving yourself permission to do so.
Maybe you’re experiencing self-doubt that makes it difficult to wake up every morning. Maybe you’re having trouble shaking off intrusive thoughts that are staying rent-free inside your head. Maybe you have the impression that your concerns aren’t important enough to talk about. Perhaps other people in your life just don’t “get it”. No matter what is happening, you deserve unconditional support.

The most crucial aspect of therapy is the connection between you and your counselor. My client-centered approach utilizes concepts from multiple modalities in order to create a joint alliance with you. In addition, my background as a second generation South Asian immigrant provides unique insight around issues like racial identity and assimilation.
I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with folks from all stages of life as they discuss thoughts relating to anxiety, grief, trauma, life transitions, racial identity, and even thoughts of suicide. If you feel like I can be a good fit, then let’s get started and walk this journey together.
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    Standale Campus


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