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Cassie Hall, LLMSW

Cassie Hall, LLMSW



“Speak, friend, and enter.” 


If you are reading these words, I know it means that you or someone you care for may be struggling right now. Maybe it’s the “same old struggle”, or maybe it’s something new and you could use someone to walk alongside you. Whatever brings you through the door, I am proud of you for reaching out.


My name is Cassie. My pronouns are she/her. 

As a fat, queer person, I know first hand how discrimination and social “norms” can impact your mental and physical health. I want to be your ally and advocate wherever you feel you are being held back. 


I look at my role as being one part of your care team, but you are the leader of that team. You are the expert on YOU. There may be other providers or even family members who are part of your team too. My job is to meet you wherever you are today, and help you connect with the resources that let you move forward through this world. Whether these resources are ones you’ve never accessed before or ones that have been within you all along, I am here to support the goals you have identified.


I have been working in the nonprofit and behavioral health fields since 2010. I graduated with a Master’s degree in Social Work from University of Michigan in 2021. My clinical social work experience has been in outpatient mental health, crisis phone intervention, and coordinating appropriate levels of behavioral health care. I am particularly passionate about working with folks on issues of identity, disordered eating, and Health At Every Size or weight-neutral healthcare. I occasionally run a support group I call “Food Freedom'' that is about helping people reconnect with theirselves around issues of eating, joyful movement, and body image.

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    Standale Campus