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Erin Batenburg, M.A, LPC

Erin Batenburg, M.A, LPC



Whether you're struggling with depression, working through a traumatic experience, or grieving the loss of a loved one, sometimes you just need a listening ear. Therapy can provide that non-judgmental, supportive space to sit down with all of life's baggage and sort it out, piece by piece. Chances are, you know what to do next and how to keep going, you just need the time and the space to figure it out. When you sit in my therapy chair, you are the expert on you, while I guide you through the process of understanding yourself more deeply and more clearly. I will do my best to see you as holistic being and work to understand how things like race, sexuality, and gender, among other identities, have shaped your worldview. I have 10 years of experience in mental health and have worked with a wide range of clients and client concerns, from PTSD to anxiety to gender identity. Since having obtained my Master's in Counseling in 2017, I have worked mostly with trauma survivors, especially those who have survived sexual assault and domestic violence. I have become educated and certified in various types of therapy to treat PTSD among other disorders. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, and Dialectical BehaviorTherapy are some of the modalities many of my clients find helpful in addressing a wide range of concerns. But most importantly, I make sure to listen deeply to each client and make sure that what we do in session each week is applicable to your real life and helps you better understand and interact with the world around you.
If you're considering therapy, congratulations, you have made a brave step. If I seem like a good fit for your therapy journey, I would be honored to walk alongside you as you work to better your mental and emotional health.

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    Byron Center Campus


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