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Sarah Jongsma, LMSW

Sarah Jongsma, LMSW



Hello, and welcome to the Counseling Center of West Michigan. My name is Sarah, and my passion is assisting people of all ages to empower themselves to create an environment with less stress and more joy. Congratulations! You just embarked on a journey toward a happier you.

We all know: Life is complicated. And through the high points and low points, we need tools to help us build a better world for ourselves and our families. I believe you have everything you need to succeed right inside of yourself, and together we can discover the best way for you to use your gifts to succeed. In many ways, you are the builder; I simply provide the tools you need to build a better life.

In 2003, I graduated from GVSU with a Masters in Social Work. Since then, I’ve worked in a variety of settings. In each place, I learned what it is to be human and hurting and, most of all, what it takes to get back to wellness. It takes this: you and your desire to achieve wholeness. I can facilitate this along the way. I know that one size never fits all when it comes to counseling and mental health, so I tailor my work to meet your needs. When you meet me, you will see that I use a direct and honest approach, and I employ several treatment modalities—practical techniques—which include CBT, DBT, solution-focused, patient centered and mindfulness.

I enjoy working with clients of all ages who are struggling with issues such as depression, suicidal/self-harm ideation, anxiety, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, personality disorders and mood disorders. I have years of experience working with children and adolescents who are struggling with coping with stressors they face in today’s world. In addition, I work with couples, particularly women, who are struggling with infertility issues. As a woman who went down that road myself, I offer practical support for women (and spouses) who are navigating that journey.


Whatever the situation, my goal is to help you help you self to live a fuller, richer, happier life.

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    Grand Rapids Campus


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