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Danyele Morris, TLLP

Accepting Ages:

Couples Counseling: 18+

Family Counseling: 15+

Individual Counseling: 15-45


Rockford Campus

Phone Call


Danyele Morris, TLLP


Welcome! I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Grand Valley State University in 2016, and graduated with my Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Western Michigan University in 2022.

Throughout my professional career, I have worked across several areas that has helped me gain the knowledge and understanding I have today. I have several years of experience working in social work and child welfare with children and families from various backgrounds. I've helped many families overcome a variety of barriers and personal struggles and have seen success from their hard work in making positive changes in their lives. I also have worked with children with special needs and who struggle with their mental health. My goals are to help my clients feel validated, supported, and provide a safe place for them to discuss their personal struggles and concerns.

I specialize in individual counseling for adolescents, teens, and young adults. I am passionate in working with those who need help with Anxiety, Depression, Childhood Trauma, Body Image Issues, issues within relationships, and daily life stressors. I utilize techniques across several approaches including person centered, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. Regardless of the technique, my goal is to create strong rapport with each of my clients so they feel safe and validated.

I am very passionate about working with children and young adults. I strongly believe that improving a client’s mental health and motivation to make positive change will improve the overall quality of life and help clients meet their personal goals. I’m so glad that you’re taking the first step to reaching out for help and guidance and I am happy to help you on your journey!

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