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Kalie Schmidt, LMSW

Accepting Ages:

Couples Counseling: 18+

Family Counseling: 18+

Individual Counseling: 16+


Grand Rapids Campus


Kalie Schmidt, LMSW


My goal as therapist is to provide an environment that is safe, comfortable, and relaxed where my clients know they can be open and honest about themselves and reasons for seeking counseling without judgement.

I typically work with older adolescents and adults. My experience in my career as a master’s level social worker has been in mental health inpatient, partial, and outpatient treatment. I have worked with a variety of individuals dealing with mild to severe mental health issues/concerns including depression, anxiety, self-harm/suicidal ideation, perinatal/postpartum depression and anxiety, bipolar and related mood disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, stress management, life transitions, grief and loss, substance use issues/addiction, and trauma.

I use a variety of therapeutic approaches and treatment modalities specific to the client’s needs. Some of those include motivational interviewing, person-centered therapy, CBT, DBT, solution focused therapy, family systems and strengths-based perspective.

My hope for my clients is that the therapeutic experience builds confidence in themselves and ability to make decisions; manage life and its stress; as well as find a sense of direction, peace and purpose as often clients come into therapy feeling lost or confused about themselves or situations around them.

If there is anything I did not provide in my bio that you would be interested in knowing before scheduling, please contact our office for any other details. I look forward to working with you!

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