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Mikayla Moore, TLLP

Accepting Ages:

Individual  Counseling: 14+

Psychological Testing: 6+


Byron Center Campus

Testing and Assessment Center

Mikayla Moore, TLLP


I was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I received my Master’s degree in Clinical Health Psychology from the University of Michigan - Dearborn. I take on a couple different roles at the Counseling Center of West Michigan.

In my role as a testing psychologist, I combine a thorough background and history with assessment information to determine the correct diagnosis, recommendations, and next steps for you or your child. These assessments include ADHD, concerns with cognitive or learning disabilities, and personality profiles, among other areas.

As a therapist, I will listen to your history and symptoms, then work with you to determine a treatment goal based on your goals and values. Throughout our sessions, I will be a supportive voice to give you tools to navigate life’s challenges.I have experience with anxiety, depression, grief, low self-esteem, and a variety of life stressors. Regardless of which hat I wear, I take a holistic view of health; I believe that the physical, mental, social, and environmental aspects of a person’s life are all intertwined and impact one another, so these should all be considered during psychological care.

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