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Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Mental Health Services should be accessible to all. Direct communication with a mental health care professional in your preferred language and the mode of communication that is accessible to you is a reasonable expectation. At Counseling Center of West Michigan, we don't just say that counseling services should be accessible to all. We create an environment where they are. 


CCWM seeks to support the assertion made by the National Association for the Deaf (NAD) that Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients are best served by the provision of outpatient therapeutic services in their primary language . It is in keeping with this mandate that we are proud to offer outpatient therapeutic services provided by a licensed mental health professional who is fluent in American Sign Language .


Jilian Rakow, M.A, LPC was a nationally certified Sign Language Interpreter through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. Jilian was also endorsed by the State of Michigan as an interpreter specializing in medical, mental health, and DeafBlind interpretation. Though Jilian no longer interprets, she has transitioned utilizing her skills and past experiences working with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community to direct service provision as a mental health professional.

To schedule an appointment with Jilian Rakow, M.A, LPC, click here.

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Providers

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