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Lisa Arndt, LPC, CAADC

Lisa Arndt, LPC, CAADC



It is my personal priority to create a space for people to feel seen, safe, understood and challenged.


It is my belief that if you feel like you don’t fit in this world, it is because you are here to help create a
new one. Let me help you in your creative journey.


Together, let’s figure out what it is going to take to let go of the pain that you are carrying inside you, so that you can truly move forward in life.


During our work together I will provide you with tools to heal. And with healing comes accepting reality, and that your negative feelings are just a message, and it’s what you do with them that really counts.


All emotions hold an important personal truth and provide us valuable messages about ourselves and others if we allow ourselves to acknowledge them in a meaningful way, rather than ignore or suppress them. Allow me to help you not only allow your truths their space, but also learn to successfully regulate the feelings that come from these emotions.


Through my years in this field, I have spent time working in inpatient settings, partial hospitalization
programs, intensive outpatient programs, home care, school systems and outpatient therapy. Due to this experience, I have been able to see people in all stages of their journey. What I have learned from this is when to let you lead, when you might need me to lead, and when we can walk side by side.


I’m looking forward to starting to walk with you.



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  • Location(s):

    Byron Center Campus


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