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Abbie Sok, LMSW, CTRS


You’ve already made it here. You’ve taken one step closer towards bettering YOU! If you feel like you’ve been pushing boulders up a mountain or even just staring at the top, let me help take some weight off. We climb together.

My name is Abbie and simply put, I’m here because I care. My commitment to you: I will be the sounding board you’ve been waiting for. I will help you find hope for tomorrow and peace to your conflict and anxieties. To be someone who can understand and empathize without judgement. I will work with you to develop healthier ways of thinking and coping, while empowering you to make life changing decisions & actions. No matter how fast or slow we go, we celebrate wins and opportunities. Most importantly, I will validate the incredible person you already are and who you’re created to be. YOU belong and YOU matter.

A little more about me: I completed undergraduate school at Grand Valley State University for Recreational Therapy. I love to have fun and find creative ways to connect with people. I soon realized that I desired a deeper human connection. I moved to clinical work in crisis intervention which flamed my passion for mental health. I decided to pursue my Master of Social Work and graduated from Grand Valley State University. I spent several years working with people with depression, suicidality, anxiety, bipolar, and a large array of mental health disorders and addictions. Most recently, my experience includes supporting single moms - empowering and equipping them to find success. I wear many hats in my personal life but I’m first a wife and a mom. I identify as a Christian and can provide a Christian based approach, if interested.

Congratulations on already taking the climb to becoming the best version of yourself! I truly look forward to the honor of getting to know you and your story.

Abbie Sok, LMSW, CTRS

Accepting Ages:

Individual Counseling: 18+


Grandville Campus


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