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Ashley Paxson, LMSW

Ashley Paxson, LMSW

Accepting Ages:

Individual Counseling: 18+


Grandville Campus



Hello. My name is Ashley Paxson. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have been working in the field for 4 years. I have experience in the medical field, psychiatric hospitals, and nursing homes doing case management. I have worked with populations such as those experiencing chronic and/or terminal illness, those struggling with severe mental illness, the developmentally disabled and those experiencing homelessness.

My passion lies with the geriatric population and those who may be a caregiver for a loved one and/or a more vulnerable member of society. The aging process at any stage can be challenging and overwhelming for all who are involved.

The modalities that I work with are CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), ACT (Acceptance and

Commitment Therapy), Motivational Interviewing, and Solution Focused. I am committed to making sure my clients feel safe, heard, and valued. I want them to know that each human life is valued no matter the circumstances. My goal is always to create a healing environment where vulnerable populations can have someone to trust. I believe the best rapport is built when giving

the client their own autonomy and allowing them to teach the clinician their story and what they feel is best for them. I allow the client to tell me what their needs are, and we work collaboratively to come up with a plan that is best for them. A person-centered focus and active listening are key for when I am engaging with clients, along with providing trauma informed care.

It would be an honor to walk side by side with my clients through life’s transitions, addressing anxiety, PTSD, trauma, and the many other struggles that one may encounter along the way and help you to become your best self at each stage.

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