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Cara Coleman, MA, LPC

Accepting Ages:

Couples Counseling: 18+

Individual Counseling: 3+


Byron Center Campus


Cara Coleman, MA, LPC


I am a holistic and naturopathic counselor who provides therapy from a Christian-Biblical perspective. I believe every person is created by God with a spirit, mind, and body woven together with intricate detail. Our thoughts, words, and behaviors are powerful and impact the pathways and neural connectivity in our brain driving mental illness or mental health. Our behaviors and experiences affect the expression of our genetics and how our cells read our genes, which impacts aspects of our mental health. Our nutrition and how much we move every day has a profound influence on mental wellness, therefore I address aspects of physical health to promote mental health.

My approach to therapy is integrated, naturopathic, and holistic. I will not suggest drug therapies for treating mental ill-health and am willing to work with PCPs and Psychiatrists to remove clients from psychopharmaceuticals. I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Reality Therapy, and Empathic Therapy to retrain your brain, while encouraging healthy nutrition and activities that bring joy and more movement into a whole health therapy practice. Over the last 11 year of practicing as an LPC, I have served children as young as 2-years old to adults as old as 68-years old, most of whom had extensive trauma histories and serious mental health diagnoses and/or substance use problems.

As a person who has experienced trauma, has lived as a single mom, and attended to my own mental health recovery, I understand the work that goes into changing mindsets and maintaining a positive and healthy lifestyle. I continue to work to optimize the health of my mind, body, and spirit everyday. Married since 2002 with a healthy blended family of 8, which also had its “ups and downs”, I appreciate the uniqueness of family dynamics and the extent to which the health of each individual member shapes the whole unit. How we relate to one another and communicate are keys to healthy marriages and families. I enjoy being outdoors going kayaking, camping, enjoying Michigan’s great lake beaches, or just a short walk to the park or local trails. I have recently started playing Virtual Reality games that promote “moving more” like Beat Saber, have adopted a little terrier-mix puppy named Rex, and enjoy a good espresso drink at local small business coffee shops.

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