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Cara Heberlein, LLMSW

Accepting Ages:

Family Counseling: 5+

Individual Counseling: 5-14


Grandville Campus


Cara Heberlein, LLMSW


Hello! I’m so glad you are here! Therapy can be a tough journey to start for some. It takes a lot of strength and courage to make the decision to begin! It is important to prioritize yourself and find someone who will listen, which is why I emphasize the fact that you are the expert of your own story. You deserve to have someone who will listen, support, and help you navigate your way through this unpredictable life.

I graduated with my Bachelor of Social Work from Michigan State University and went on to receive my Master of Social Work from Western Michigan University. My journey has brought me unique experiences that have challenged me to grow, learn, and accept my own truths, as well as find who I am as a therapist. These are some aspects in life I hope to assist others with.

I focus on utilizing evidence-based practices such as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) along with mindfulness and person-centered therapy among other modalities. No matter what your needs are, my goal is to create a space for you that feels safe, open, and judgment-free.

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