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Gina Magri, LMSW

Accepting Ages:

Individual Counseling: 8-45


Grand Rapids Campus


Gina Magri, LMSW


I’ve been providing mental health services to children and adults in Michigan for over ten years. From my clients’ and my own personal experiences, I understand how difficult change and asking for help can be. It’s important to me that I create a safe and nonjudgmental place for others to tell their story.

People often lose their sense of value, either with themselves, their family, or their community, particularly when they’ve survived a trauma or are going through a challenging life experience. A large part of the work I do with clients is finding out how to return their self-worth and understand they are deserving of happiness and love. I’ve worked extensively with trauma, attachment patterns, anxiety, depression, ADHD, caregiver burnout, grief and loss, and cultivating healthy relationships. I’m experienced in cognitive-behavioral therapy, including trauma-focused CBT, exposure therapy, and cognitive processing therapy, but I also draw from additional evidence-based approaches. Because everyone is different, I like to explore how different combinations of these modalities best fit my work with each client.

I’m passionate about social justice and have had the opportunity to help others navigate various systems, including schools, foster care, and juvenile justice, among others. While my primary focus in therapy is centered on the individual or family, I understand the stress that comes along with navigating these systems.

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