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Joanne Kolean, Ph D, LP

Accepting Ages:

Couples Counseling: 25+

Individual Counseling: 25+


Grand Haven Campus


Joanne Kolean, Ph D, LP


Hello and welcome to my page! I am a fully licensed psychologist here at the Counseling Center of West Michigan. I work exclusively at the Grand Haven location.


I have a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Western Michigan University. I completed my internship at Henry Ford Health System, with a special focus in Sex Therapy and a Minor Rotation addressing psychological concerns with medical inpatients in the hospital itself. I have been practicing for more than 24 years. I am trained in and use multiple treatment approaches including Cognitive Behavioral, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Solution Focused Therapy, Ericksonian, and Sex Therapy. I also have an intense interest in alternative healing modalities, including dream work, identifying thought patterns that produce “dis-ease” in the body, and am a trained Reiki Master.


I treat adults of all ages and enjoy working with a wide variety of mental health issues including:




Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault



Panic Disorder

Social Phobia

Sexual Dysfunction


Bipolar Disorder

Grief and Loss

Coping with Medical Problems

Women’s Issues

Relationship Problems

Low Self Esteem


Everyone struggles with something, myself included. I am a person, just like you. And when our struggles lead us to seek help, it is incredibly important to feel safe. I believe it is imperative to meet people where they are and to honor their desire to work on the part of their lives that is giving them the most difficulty; I also believe this is a decision that the client makes, not the therapist. I consider it a great privilege to be invited into someone’s life to help them to get to where and how they want to be, and from the first session, I explore what that brighter future looks like for my client. Together we can set an intention and start creating the hope that is needed to begin the therapeutic journey. Therapy is hard work and most importantly, it is all about making changes. Change is scary for most of us, but you will not be alone as you embark on your journey.


I am a nature lover and this has led me to make West Michigan my home. When I’m not seeing clients, running is a great way for me to enjoy our beautiful state and to take care of my own mental health. I also love gardening of all kinds and you will see that I take my love of plants with me to the office. Another stress reliever for me is art of all kinds, including photography, drawing and painting, music and cooking. I enjoy animals, including humans, and I share my life with multiple beloved four and two-legged animal companions.

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