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Joe DeLong, MA, LLPC


As a therapist, I strive to create an open and non-judgmental environment with my clients. I

find that trust is essential to begin working on the difficult issues that present themselves in the

counseling relationship. I utilize evidence-based practices tailored to fit the specific needs of

whomever I am working with. My goal is to create an individualized treatment plan for success

in tandem with my client as we work through various sensitive topics of concern. Life can be

difficult at times for everyone, and I view my job as counselor to be that of a guide to help a

person utilize both existing and new tools for communication to better cope with their

relationships and perception and reactions to the world around them. Any self-defeating

behavior, relationship, habit, or addiction can oftentimes be eliminated with the help of

therapy because that person with the issue is provided with a new way of looking at an old

problem and means for solving it.

I graduated from Tulane University with a bachelor’s degree in communication and psychology

and received my master’s degree in advanced practice counseling from the Hazelden Betty Ford

Graduate School of Addiction Studies. I have experience working with individuals, families and

couples who struggle with addiction, men’s issues, gambling, trauma, grief, depression, and

anxiety… to name a few things. My varied clinical experience in Minnesota and Michigan has

allowed me to work with multiple populations. I’ve enjoyed working with members of the

LGBTQ+ community, adults, teenagers, men, women, and people across many different

cultures. I am partial to utilizing trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy in my practice.

I look forward to us hopefully working together soon. Know that you have taken the first step in

coming to this page and considering entering therapy. Many individuals do not have the

courage it takes to meet the challenge of self-improvement. This is the first step toward a more

authentic and genuinely fulfilling life, good for you!

Joe DeLong, MA, LLPC

Accepting Ages:

Couples Counseling: 18+

Family Counseling: 18+

Individual Counseling: 17+


Standale Campus


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