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Lori Strehler, LMSW

Accepting Ages:

Individual Counseling: 5-18


Grandville Campus

Lori Strehler, LMSW


I have always been interested in stories. Whether it's an intriguing and memorable memoir, a historically-based fiction story or a poignant children's book, stories teach us about the world and ourselves. But nothing captivates me more than the stories that make up our own lives. The memories that shape us and the questions they raise inform our everyday lives, our decisions, and our behaviors.

Whether you are a parent of a young child or adolescent looking for extra support or a young adult looking to make sense of your own life, you have stories to tell, a story that is unfolding and I'd love to hear them.

My particular areas of interest include: anxiety, ADHD, grief, LGBTQ issues, utilizing play therapy, CBT, and talk therapy. I also currently work as a school social worker with children ages 4 - 12 and look forward to getting to know new families and young adults in the private practice setting. All are welcome.

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