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Megan VanDyke, LLPC, CCTP

Accepting Ages:

Individual Counseling: 18+


Downtown Campus

Patient's Home

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Megan VanDyke, LLPC, CCTP


Prior to becoming a therapist, I waited tables for 20 years. It was a job that I loved because I love people. I love that my job was to experience humanity on a spectrum. I enjoyed meeting and learning about new people just as I will enjoy meeting you. Those two decades in service to others taught me many lessons. I learned that people are innately good and want good for themselves and desire purpose and meaning. I learned that most yearn for a connection to others and a connection to themselves as well. I experienced life thoroughly in those years of service to the community. However, life catches up and I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that would not allow for such a physical career anymore and began a new adventure. A life and career in service to others was my new goal and counseling fulfilled that in ways I could never imagine. My deep purpose and meaning were found and met at last.

As a Limited License Practicing Counselor, I approach therapy as two people getting to know each other slowly and discovering purpose and meaning in their own lives. With an existential theoretical approach, we will deep dive into who you are as a person together. I personally believe that thoughts change feelings that change behavior so the various issues that bring us face to face can be sorted through with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and meaning making in your own life.

My approach is egalitarian, meaning we are a team and there is no hierarchy. I am learning from you

just as you are learning from me. I approach therapy with a kindness and warmth to establish rapport and safety. Our time together is sacred and special. I am honored to be on this journey with you and cannot wait to meet you.

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