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Michelle Edsall, LLMSW

Accepting Ages:

Couples Counseling: 23-60

Individual Counseling: 20-65


Cascade Campus


Michelle Edsall, LLMSW


I have a Bachelors in Science with a minor in addictions and holistic health, along with a Master in Social Work with a trauma certification. For over ten years I have done transformational and trauma informed coaching mainly for women. I have been inspired by my own journey and those of my clients to receive additional certifications in several different modalities:

NARM-level 1

APSATS informed

Gottman - level 1

Transformational Coaching

Transformational Trainer

Relationship Coaching

Nidra Yoga Meditation

Deceptive Sexuality and Trauma (starting in September 2022)

My therapeutic style is eclectic with a solid core in having a therapeutic relationship that fosters and models trust, honesty, compassion, empathy, deep listening, being seen, being heard, healing, and integrity.

Areas of expertise are betrayal trauma, trauma, and domestic abuse. I also have a passion to work with people struggling in everyday life, or those who feel a bit lost, to those that want something different for their lives they just are not sure what that looks like.

I have always found myself drawn to peoples' stories and the deeper levels of story that most of us share with very few if anyone. The story or stories that have formed belief systems, how someone views themselves, and how they form and maintain relationships. The draw to stories led me to my own healing journey through many modalities. The healing journey compelled me to a place where I can walk with others in their journey from a place of experience and now healing. The saying that goes something like, this is what I was made for, is a fitting statement.

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