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Mindy Hopke, MA, LLP, LMFT

Accepting Ages:

Couples Counseling: 20+

Individual Counseling: 16+


Grandville Campus

Mindy Hopke, MA, LLP, LMFT


Individuals and families in today’s world face stress on so many levels. The demands of different life roles and responsibilities, the pressures of friends, family, and society, painful life experiences, and personal expectations weigh on us all, every day. In the middle of these challenges, it is all too easy to be left feeling overwhelmed, alone, and confused, to feel like your story is no longer your own. It can hurt your sense of self and your connection to those you love. I’m prepared to step into this moment of vulnerability with you and assist you in finding a way forward into a place where you can feel more connected, strong, and safe, allowing you to redefine your self, your relationships, and your story.

I believe that every individual, couple, and family has the potential to better understand their selves and their relationships with each other, in order to face and overcome life's challenges. I will work to help you identify your natural strengths and reach for appropriate supports, to create and implement solutions to overcome challenges and that will support both your emotional and relational well being.

As a graduate of Michigan State University’s Marriage and Family Therapy Program, I hold a full license as a marriage and family therapist and a limited license as a psychologist. My training and 20 years experience gives me a unique understanding of how we, as individuals, interact with current and past relationships to influence how we experience our world today. As such, I have a specialized view of the many factors and issues which may be addressed in order to create a healthier self. I have also completed additional training's to become certified in treating victims of trauma and treating substance abuse issues and can use this expertise to support those wishing to overcome the unique challenges involved with these issues, when needed. I partner with individuals, couples, and families and specialize in treating and resolving anxiety, depression, major life changes, relationship challenges, gender and identity issues, grief, and trauma. I look forward to seeing how I can be helpful to you.

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