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Nick Comai, LMSW



I began my journey into the helping profession by directly reaching out to individuals experiencing chronic homelessness in the streets, camps, and surrounding areas of Grand Traverse County as a member of a local Street Outreach team. I continued by earning both my bachelor and master degrees in clinical social work from Ferris State University, while gathering diverse experience in a range of settings and roles in the Kent County area; including community living supports, community family case management, inpatient psychiatric hospitalization, crisis residential, home-based family therapy, outpatient individual therapy, and private practice.

Although possessing a background in treating an eclectic array of mental health and substance use disorders across various ages and populations throughout my career thus far, I’m currently specializing in the treatment of adults who may be struggling to manage symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD/trauma associated disorders, adjustment disorders (difficult life transitions), mood/emotion management struggles, and substance use disorders, paired with LGBTQIA stressors, equality/diversity advocacy, relationship challenges, young adult/young professional struggles, performance pressure/stress, chronic pain/physical health conditions, and grief/loss.

Grounded in honesty, empathy, creativity, positivity, and a non-judgmental stance, it is my intention to walk aside you throughout the adventure of discovering your own unique life worth living; utilizing DBT, CBT, ACT, Motivational Interviewing, and Seeking Safety in sessions to help guide you through coping with life's challenges, moving forward, and achieving personal goals. It is my core belief that we’re all engineered to thrive and capable of finding fulfillment, even when this feels impossible to see within ourselves


Active by nature, outside of the office I often find myself immersed in automotive tinkering/modifications, the culinary arts, underground metal/hip hop music culture, my two pugs, film/video games, skateboarding culture, exercise, the outdoors, home improvement, self-care/wellness, and spending time with loved ones.

I’m currently working remotely by telephone/secure HIPAA compliant video sessions out of my home office in Traverse City, MI, am accepting new clients, and look forward to further connecting with you!

Nick Comai, LMSW

Accepting Ages:

Individual Counseling: 18+



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