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Sydney Sturm, LMSW

Accepting Ages:

Individual Counseling: 13-40


Telehealth Only

Sydney Sturm, LMSW


I believe that the foundation of mental wellness is about building relationships and helping those gain a better understanding of themselves and others. We all have unique strengths, challenges, and life stories. My goal is to provide a welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere, where together, we can write a story that honors the life you’ve led and bring the life you want into focus. I myself identify as a queer woman and want to be the adult I wish I had in therapy; offering a safe space that understands those nuances.

When you start therapy with me, you will find a safe space that is created by welcoming diversity while honoring your individuality during the process. I enjoy working with clients of all cultural, socioeconomic, and ethnic backgrounds, as well as those identifying within the LGBTQIA+ community.

I have gained knowledge and experience while providing therapy to individuals experiencing a broad array of mental health and substance use disorders in both inpatient and outpatient settings, as well as working within the child welfare system. In addition to my professional training, I bring lived experiences into my therapy practice.

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