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Zachary Henderson, LMSW

Accepting Ages:

Individual Counseling: 18+


Kentwood Campus


Zachary Henderson, LMSW


A man once said, "People are intentional when they charge their phone, to make sure it doesn't have a low battery. We need to be just as intentional as we learn to take care of ourselves."

As we navigate current events, it is clear there are moments we are overwhelmed, and anxious. At times, it can seem there is nothing in our control, and no end in sight. The types of challenges we are facing requires a different perspective and different set of coping skills than previously used. How does someone develop the skills in real time for a situation that has never been faced.

Imagine how you might feel confidently walking into a situation knowing any obstacle presented can be reframed as an opportunity which can be managed with a calm demeanor. This calmness helps get us through the situation and feel better about accepting and overcoming challenges.

Zachary is a Licensed Master of Social work who specializes in mental health, substance use disorders, and self care. His balanced approach to building resilience fosters individuality, team work, and resource building. He understands coping skills are essential to navigate complex problems. He utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy along with elements of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. A key component in building the therapeutic relationship is the understanding the person seeking help is the expert of their experience.

Safety is a priority, services can be accessed telephonically or virtually using a safe video platform as well as in person.

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